Theme Show "Arche Noah" 25.01. - 10.03.2003

Galerie Gabriele Rivet becomes Noah’s Ark at the end of January. It won’t be the church sailing on the the seven seas, but a place for the presentation and exchange of different artists’ positions on Noah’s Ark and the Flood.
One quickly becomes aware of the explosive force the subject has again and again as soon as one visualizes the story of the Old Testament:
Things are not going well, the development is at a standstill, at least in God’s eyes. As a purging finale the Flood destroys everything that has not been brought onto the Ark by Noah and his family. Only they and a pair of each species have the privilege to survive and guarantee a new beginning full of hope and confidence. Or maybe not?
What kind of challenge do artists see today in the story of Noah’s Ark – do they interpret it with a critical attitude towards society or in an individual context, highly topical or visionary, positively or negatively, theologically or globally, seriously or humorously?
You’ll find out who is on the boat, and when and where Noah’s Ark takes place, when you print out the double-page of the pdf-file enclosed. You then can then fold it to the little boat by yourself.

Folding instructions under:
All who are interested are cordially invited to visit the show - in pairs but of course also as individuals – on the opening night of January 24 or at a later date.